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The start of the ABRUZZO GRAN TOUR is on July 2nd and precedes that of the Avezzano Circuit by a few days. The two groups of participants will meet on July 5th.

The two events are reserved at the sole discretion of the organizers to cars built until 1972, discovered, with precedence to the pre-war, sport barchetta and spider.

The Abruzzo Gran Tour, starting on July 2nd, will stop on the Gran Sasso d'Italia to descend towards the Abruzzo coast.

On July 5th, during the return to L'Aquila, the participants of the two rally events will meet to continue the program together until Sunday.

The two events are for Cultural and Recreational Tourism purposes. Participants escorted by the police and staff of ASD Cultura e Motori must respect the highway code and drive with caution throughout the duration of the two events.


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